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Family Law

Child Custody

Property Distribution Factors

Virginia is a equitable distribution state and require courts to follow the equitable distribution model when dividing marital property.  There are a number of factors that a Virginia court may consider when dividing marital property, including:

  • The income and liabilities of the parties;
  • Whether a party owes alimony/spousal support for a previous marriage;
  • The duration of the marriage;
  • The age and health of each party;
  • How and when specific items of property were acquired;
  • The debts and liabilities of each party;
  • The liquid or nonliquid character of all marital property;
  • The tax consequences to each party;
  • The ability of each party to support himself or herself financially; and
  • Any other factor the court considers relevant.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

  • Divorce conducted with respect and dignity.
  • Divorce issues worked out without going to court.
  • Divorce with less stress and anxiety.
Read more about the Collaborative method.

The Law Office of Li-Shann Durst is a family law firm focused on issues such as divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, parenting time, division of marital assets or property distribution, and allocation of marital debt. No matter the area of family law, it can feel overwhelming and confusing. Family law attorney, Li-Shann Durst has experience in these matters and provides prudent counsel and guidance to lead you and your family to the most favorable outcome. These matters may be resolved by agreement outside of court through negotiation, collaborative law or mediation.

Family Law Attorney

When you and your family are facing unforeseen, difficult matters involving family law it is important to have experience and wisdom on your side. A family law attorney deals with matters of significant impact on family relationships. Often, these matters are litigated; however, the majority of family law cases are settled outside of court through negotiation methods. A family law attorney who is trained in collaborative law or mediation is able to offer his or her client several options for handling their legal issues. Li-Shann Durst is a Virginia Supreme Court certified mediator and a trained collaborative law attorney who has successfully represented her clients using negotiation, mediation, and collaborative law. Ms. Durst will work side-by-side with you to understand your needs and provide compassionate counsel to achieve effective outcomes.

Practice Areas

At the Law Office of Li-Shann Durst, we understand that each family matter is unique and deserves a dignified and respectful approach to reach a favorable outcome. The practice areas of our Ashburn family law firm include:

To find out how our family law attorney can help with your family law case, please call our Ashburn, VA office at (703) 443-4762 or Schedule a Consultation.